Lise Witteman
Follow the EU paper trails

Since 2018 I specialise in following the paper trails of the European decision making processes, from the interests of (national) politicians and lobbyists and their influence on EU policy, to the way the money of EU citizens is being spent.

As I am a firm believer that European journalists should cooperate more, I am keen to share my knowledge with other journalists, either within a joint investigation or by providing courses and workshops.

Together we can hold the leaders of the European Union accountable.

In 2021 I have initiated the set up of the EU-desk of the Dutch investigative platform Follow the Money: Bureau Brussel. It's our job to join, set up and co├Ârdinate European investigative projects and to carry out research regarding the EU-institutions. For example: Recovery Files

With the renowned investigative team Lighthouse Reports, I participate in several EU-wide journalism projects, such as the Invisible Workers-investigation and the research into the European meat lobby.

I provide courses and workshops on EU Paper Trailing for beginning and advanced journalists, such as the students of the Universities of Groningen and Leiden, the emerging journalists that join the Lighthouse Sessions, and for the Summer School of the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN).

In order to stimulate a broad audiance to take notice of EU affairs, I have initiated an EU late night comedy show together with performer Kelly Agathos: the Schuman Show!